martedì 9 giugno 2020

MR039 - ATTUALITÀ NERA / RAPACE - MUSICA FEROX - limited edition cassette

ATTUALITÀ NERA is an obscure harsh noise duo formed by Mario W. Gacy (Moana, LaColpa, Deviated Sister TV) and Andy Rivieni (Vallemme Dogs) inspired by 70s and 80s italian erotic comics and true crime stories with italian Giallo movies feticism. 
RAPACE is the HNW solo project by Baron Tiberius.
Raw harsh noise VS predatory HNW.
The cassette comes in a special "Body Bag" packaging with black pvc envelope, transparent case and red cassette limited to only 15 hand numbered copies. 

MR038 - TANATOFOBIA - Sogno Suicida - limited edition cdr

TANATOFOBIA is the solo project of Roger Kemper (No-Joy). Sogno Suicida will dive you in the putrescent world of Death. If you like Atrax Morgue's embrace of darkness, well, this is your cup of tea! 
The cdr comes in a special "Body Bag" packaging limited to 20 hand numbered copies. 

MR037 - ARMENIA - Ultimo Suspiro Previo La Muerte - limited edition cdr

Armenia is the solo project of Leonardo Sabatto from Ecuador. Active since 1994 Armenia delivers a rude and violent harsh noise frequencies made by different sources. if what you are looking for is an album that will leave you breathless, crushed by a wall of distorted frequencies, then this is the one for you! 
Cdr comes in a special "Body Bag" packaging. Every cdr is different by each other and it is limited to only 20 hand numbered copies.
Listen and order here:

venerdì 10 aprile 2020

MR036 - KADAVER "Watch It DIE" Limited Edition Cassette

Pro-dubbing red C40 comes in a black ziplock bag with inserts. Limited to 25 hand-numbered copies.
Tapes comes with 3 different label on face A. 
Listen and order here:

lunedì 25 novembre 2019


Blasphemous occult black noise drone from members of LaColpa
MACABRO DIO are Mario W. Gacy & Davide Destro
Pro-dubbing black C40 comes in a black ziplock bag with inserts. Limited to 50 copies. 
You can purchase one copy at Murderabilia Records Bandcamp