martedì 12 febbraio 2013

MR013 – VULGAR DISEASE - “Alarma!” CDR

One year after the publication of “Cronaca Vera” by Deviated Sister TV, Murderabilia Records is proud to announce another tribute to a true crime cult-magazine: the Mexican “Alarma!” by the Mexican INW / Massive Hiss Paranoia project Vulgar Disease.
This work is the perfect soundtrack for the extreme magazine “Alarma!”: about 80 minutes of tough and killer Power Electronics with brutal vocals that will attack you as a machete over your heads!

The pro-printed cdr comes in a similar packaging of “Cronaca Vera”, but in a pure “Alarma!” style: yellow dvd box, 4 pages booklet, original magazine clippings, explicit images as artwork.

Only for the first 15 copies sold at Murderabilia, a special gift: the cdr comes with an entire and original copy of “Alarma!” magazine!, comprarlo y escuchar, cabrones!

1- Prólogo [Vida Nocturna]
2- Raptola, Matola, Violola, Rematola, Destazola
3- Paranormal
4- Pudriéndose En La Soledad
5- Collage [Cuando La Realidad Supera La Ficción]
6- Sin Límite De Tiempo [Goteras Asesinas]
7- Enterrado Vivo
8- Sexión Del Placer
9- Rincón Cubano [Conexión Mayombe]
10- Escrito Con Sangre
11- Epilogo [Únicamente La Verdad]

6 euro + shipping

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

MR012 – HALALNIHIL - “Pyrocumulonimbus” CDR

Halalnihil is an Hungarian project which proposes a mixture between harsh noise, power electronics and black metal sounds, called by the band 'Black Electronics'.
'Pyrocumulonimbus' is the third album of Halalnihil, the sounds are more power electronics oriented, compared to the previous works and it's one of the best of his production.
Massive and harsh pedal loops, heavy distorted synths and many powerful vocals.
This new version of 'Pyrocumulonimbus', previously released in digital format by The Level Of Vulnerability, comes in a pro-printed cdr limited to 100 handnumbered copies with new graphics, a black cardboard sleeve, a sticker, a pin and 4 unreleased tracks as bonus.


1- Cirrus Soreness
2- Looking For Love Through Vomit-Soaked Values
3- Vernichtung
4- Smoke The Bones Of Neutrality
5- Humiliation For All Ages
6- Prostitution Tragedy
7- What The Future Should Be
8- Pyrocumulonimbus
9- Gargoyle Guardian
10- Fuck Wolf Puppies And Their Dead Mother
11- Do You Like Sucking Cock?
12- Abyssopelagic Climax

6 euro + shipping