mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012


AUTOCANCRENA is an industrial/ambient project from Rome, Italy run by Lorenzo Chiarofonte (Scorze Records). This work is based on the screenplay “Woyzeck” by Georg Büchner. Its sounds embrace different atmospheres: from power electronics, to martial industrial, with a touch of ambient.
A really high quality concept album, in wich you can find all the illness and the sadness of Woyzeck.

Pro-printed black cdr comes in a dvd case with 4 pages booklet enhanced by the graphics of Andrea Grieco.
Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

1- Il Decoro Dei Demoni
2- Come Marchio Di Infedeltà
3- Er Hat Keine Moral
4- La Lingua In Gola
5- Apologia
6- Vestita Di Tiepidi Umori
7- Le Buone Pretese

Review on Kulturterrorismus
Review on Darkroom Magazine by Michele Viali.

5 euro + shipping


The Japanese noise musician Kimihide Kusafuka active since the early 80s on the Japanoise scene meets POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS, the new harsh noise/power electronics project run by the Swedish Krister Bergman.
A truly harsh-noise assault, reccomended for all the noise lovers!
Are you ready for your "musical suicide"?

Pro-printed silver cdr comes in a jewel case with hardcover and 8 pages booklet.
Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

1- K2 “Going Into The Bloody Sea”
2- K2 “This Is The Musical Suicide”
3- K2 “The Pump”
5- POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS “Burning Paradise”

6 euro + shipping

Review on Darkroom Magazine by Michele Viali

mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Coming soon

OUT ON 12/12/12
Murderabilia Records is proud to announce 2 new forthcoming releases:

K2 / POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS - Sprouts and memories (Cdr)
Split between the historical japanoise master Kusafuka Kimihide and the Swedish harsh noise/power electronics project run by Mr. Krister Bergman.

AUTOCANCRENA - La Distruzione (Cdr)
High quality industrial /power electronics from Italy! Based on the screenplay "Woyzeck" by Georg Büchner.

Stay tuned!!

sabato 6 ottobre 2012


Cattle Mutilation is a noise/drone/industrial project by Billes Blackk. “Transient” will guide you in dark and dissonant atmospheres, where ancient inhuman civilizations living in the depths of the human psyche.

Printed golden cdr comes in a mini dvd case with cover and insert printed on golden cardboard.
Limited to 40 hand numbered copies.


01- Lucifer
02- Confession
03- Sleep Disorder
04- Bad Brew
05- Blood Bath
06- Absurd
07- The Mc Pherson Tape
08- Disintegrated
09- Torture Life
10- Equator

5 € + postage
for info and payment:

Sampler here: 


Otomo Hava is an Harsh Noise Wall project from Athens runs by Thomas Havales.
79 minutes of pure, solid, hopeless harsh noise wall that condemn you to your Chaoticum Vitae!

Printed silver cdr comes in a mini dvd case with cover and insert printed on silver cardboard
Limited to 30 hand numbered copies.

5 € + postage
for info and payment:


ELLE is a sick harsh noise project of Ludovica Corsini. Another 73 minutes of violent, disturbed and heavy harsh noise with morbid vocals. This work is a sort of continuous of the precedent “Fire In My Mind” album: mind is corrupted, so she can start to torture us with her Sadistic Behaviours!

Printed silver cdr comes in a mini dvd case with cover and 4 pages booklet printed on metallized pink cardboard.
The artwork is enhanced by the sick and beautiful drawings of Manuela Simoni.
Limited to 30 hand numbered copies.

5 € + postage
for info and payment:

Sampler here:

martedì 18 settembre 2012

Back in action: coming soon

Murderabilia back in action!
3 new releases are almost ready to disgust you:

ELLE - SADISTIC BEHAVIOUR (harsh noise / power electronics)
CATTLE MUTILATION - TRANSIENT (death industrial / power electronics)

Be prepared for the worst...Stay tuned!

martedì 26 giugno 2012

MR006 - NOISE NAZI - "Nothing Exists Beyond Here" [Cdr]

10 tracks of pure "necro" power electronics from the US project Noise Nazi. Violent and obscure sounds with powerful vocals, extreme images and lyrics. The sense of death is constant and overwhelming. Truly recommended!

The Cdr, housed in a classic jewel case, comes in a plastic transparent envelope with A5 sleeve and 4 pages booklet.
Limited to 60 hand numbered copies.

5 € + postage
for info and payment:

Review by Michele Viali on Darkroom Magazine:

Sampler here:

giovedì 24 maggio 2012

New distro items

A lot of new items in distro!

Available now some releases of the historical Italian label Spatter Records:
TOBY DAMMIT – Delfina e Maria de Jesus Gonzales cdr 
TOBY DAMMIT/N. – L’importante è che tutto abbia fine cdr
CORPOMORTO – Architecture cdr
BURIAL HEX - Scry of Ab Raza cdr
LEXES – Worshipping trees to numbness cdr

And also....
GNAWED/RXAXPXE split tape by Industrial Culture Records
BLACK LEATHER JESUS/POLLUTIVE STATIC split from Violent Noise Atrocities/Phage Tapes - 7" vinyl
V/A - PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE Compilation released by Peripheral Records
VULGAR DISEASE - SERIAL released by 412Recordings

And many more....

Murderabilia distro

mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

OUT NOW: NASCITARI/DEAD PERFECTION split [coproduction with Claustrophilia Records]

HARSH SUICIDAL NOISE WALL from NASCITARI and DEAD PERFECTION (side-project of Deviated Sister TV). Pro-Cdr comes in a DVD box with two insert. [Limited to 20 hand numbered copies]


1- NASCITARI - Le vie del suicidio sono infinite [26:45]
2- DEAD PERFECTION - Every 40 seconds [31:51]

Review on Music Machine by Roger Batty.

4 euro + postage

Info, contact and paypal at:

mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

lunedì 23 aprile 2012

MR003 - Bagman - "Men who solicit sex"

Sex, prostitution, sexual violence...a study in five parts on the topic of unlawful sexual solicitations, a truly masterpiece of power electronics by Mr. Bagman
Cdr comes in jewel case format, wrapped in black cellophane, 8 pages booklet with graphic arts by Agresso Expresso and one special sticker as isert. Limited to 100 copies.

01- Men who solicit sex part I
02- Men who solicit sex part II
03- Will
04- Men who solicit sex part III
05- Men who solicit sex part IV

Darkroom Magazine (by Michele Viali)
Existence Establishment

5 € + postage
for info and payment:

Sampler here:

martedì 27 marzo 2012

MR002 - ELLE - "FIRE IN MY MIND" [cdr]

Over 75 minutes of  sick, dirty and violent harsh noise/power electronics by the italian noise artist Ludovica Corsini. This sounds will burn your mind!!

Cdr comes in a special mini folder limited to 50 copies.

5 € + postage
for info and payment:

Review on Kulturterrorismus here.


ELLE - [Fire in my mind album sampler] by Murderabilia Records

giovedì 22 marzo 2012

Next releases

Very soon the next two releases of Murderabilia:

MR002 - ELLE - Fire in my mind (Cdr, 50 copies)
MR003 - BAGMAN - Men who solicit sex (Cdr, 100 copies)


giovedì 1 marzo 2012

Forthcoming: Bagman - Man who solicit sex

Coming soon on Murderabilia Records:

BAGMAN - MAN WHO SOLICIT SEX   [CDr - 100 copies]

Here is a little sample of this great work:

sabato 28 gennaio 2012

MR001- Deviated Sister TV - "Cronaca Vera" [Cdr]

Italian couple Deviated Sister TV made a power electronics tribute to the italian true crime magazine "Cronaca Vera".
This work is full of madness, loneliness, despair.
Cdr comes in a classic DVD box with inserts limited to 99 copies, male and female voices, italian lyrics comes with english translation.

5 € + postage
for info and payment:

Deviated Sister TV site

Darkroom Magazine by Michele Viali
Ascension Magazine by Walter Piano
Rosa Selvaggia by Oflorenz

sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Coming soon...

The first release of  Murderabilia is almost ready!

Deviated sister TV "Cronaca Vera" [CDr - DVD case limited edition 99 copies]