mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012


AUTOCANCRENA is an industrial/ambient project from Rome, Italy run by Lorenzo Chiarofonte (Scorze Records). This work is based on the screenplay “Woyzeck” by Georg Büchner. Its sounds embrace different atmospheres: from power electronics, to martial industrial, with a touch of ambient.
A really high quality concept album, in wich you can find all the illness and the sadness of Woyzeck.

Pro-printed black cdr comes in a dvd case with 4 pages booklet enhanced by the graphics of Andrea Grieco.
Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

1- Il Decoro Dei Demoni
2- Come Marchio Di Infedeltà
3- Er Hat Keine Moral
4- La Lingua In Gola
5- Apologia
6- Vestita Di Tiepidi Umori
7- Le Buone Pretese

Review on Kulturterrorismus
Review on Darkroom Magazine by Michele Viali.

5 euro + shipping

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