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Murderabilia Records is an Italian DIY label that takes care of power electronics, harshnoise, HNW.
Each project is carefully evaluated according to our personal tastes. We do not produce anything that we do not like.
We prefer to keep a line in terms of precise stylistic sound and concept. Extreme sounds and violent concepts are our daily bread.

We prefer to do very limited runs of high quality. Each packaging is carefully designed and completely handmade.

We don't like spamming or giving informations to those who are not interested. So if you like what we do and you want to be informed about our releases, subscribe to our newsletter (which is sent once every 1-2 months). If you want to receive our newsletter, send us an email with object "NEWSLETTER".

We accept payment via paypal (at this mail address: For other methods contact us and ask.

Ask for trades.

At  the moment we don't accept new submissions.

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