venerdì 26 aprile 2013



The Swedish noise musician Krister Bergman under the name "Demons That Drove" proposed over the years a dark and sophisticated power electronics, able to investigate mental illness and his depth, creating a perfect mix of ambient noise and violent sounds. These are the final remixes, made especially for this release. The double cdr contains material from day one until the end of the project. A perfect guide to the beginner listeners of this project and a classy memorial to this great power electronics act. Everything starts and everything dies. We will see you on the burial ground!

The double pro-Cdr comes in a pro-printed cardboard inside a black envelope closed with a purple ribbon. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies.


 CD 1:

1. Order of the thirtysix
2. Showtime
3. And I can see
4. (You're) pretty much fukk off
5. Aids muscle
6. Suneater
7. Leave them open
8. Knifework
9. Bloodstorms
10. Skinrain ritual
11. Cut me down
12. Birth and sight (Afterlife)
13. Wasteland
14. Enslaved in turmoil

CD 2:

1. Cadaver Carnival
2. Sewer secrets
3. Judgement without mercy
4. Corridor
5. The timekeeper
6. S.O.I.H.T.
7. Just like decay
8. Rise and fall
9. Clean away
10. Moment of truth
11. Bakteria
12. They are all mine
13. Afterhours
14. Thrown into circles

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MR014 – BLACKSHOUT “WHORE MIND (Collector's Album) (Inquisitor's Cut Edition)” [pro-CDR]

Blackshout is a mysterious and underground project of the Italian '90 panorama of extreme sounds.
The project started in 1994 with their first cassette album called “Sex Slave”, produced by Psychotic Release. In the same year the Psychotic Release puts out the second cassette containing just one track titled “Only Thoughts Of Pain”. In the 1995 the third tape was the split cassette with Menarca and in the same year the BV Tapes label puts out the forth and last tape from the project Blackshout, “Perduto Tra I Suoni Dell'Utero”.
“Whore Mind” is the definitive collection of this Italian cult project, it contains almost all the material edited under the name Blackshout, included various tracks from compilations and 2 unreleased tracks (“Tigiemme” and “Pornocidio”), all selected and re-arranged by the artists.
The sound is various and not easily categorized. Every track is a world apart connected to an unique concept that you can find in the lyrics (all in Italian language): sexual deviation, misogyny and perversion, with a touch of mad black humor. The CDR is a mixture of spoken words, dark lo-fi electronics with feminine erotic vocalisations, old industrial noise, feedback and noise manipulations, erotic movie samples, in the style of the historical Italian names like Menarca and the early Teatro Satanico.“Whore Mind” will introduce you to a perverse world made of pain, pleasure and dirty thoughts.

Pro-printed cdr comes in a silm dvd box, with 4 pages booklet and a special and useful gift directly from the artist (only for the first copies!!). Limited to 75 hand numbered copies.

1 Vagina Pocket (Scontrino Per L'Inferno)
2 Una Strana Congrega
3 Master-Slave (Make-Up Version)
4 Il Valzer Delle Prostitute
5 M.A.N. (Ritorno Alle Origini)
6 Juliette
7 The Fresh Cunt In The Freezer
8 Only Theatre Of Sex
9 Tigiemme
10 La Bimba Nella Culla
11 Un Nuovo Tipo D'Amore
12 Woman Juice (Fetish Ritual Version)
13 Spremuta Di Donna (Regurgitata)
14 Punizione
15 The Ritual Of Agony
16 Istigazione (Master-Slave II)
17 Pura Perversità
18 Whore-House
19 Pure Girl's Pure Blood
20 Pornocidio
21 Festa Della Donna (Con I Fiori)
22 Only Thoughts Of Pain (Hard Remix)

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