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The Swedish noise musician Krister Bergman under the name "Demons That Drove" proposed over the years a dark and sophisticated power electronics, able to investigate mental illness and his depth, creating a perfect mix of ambient noise and violent sounds. These are the final remixes, made especially for this release. The double cdr contains material from day one until the end of the project. A perfect guide to the beginner listeners of this project and a classy memorial to this great power electronics act. Everything starts and everything dies. We will see you on the burial ground!

The double pro-Cdr comes in a pro-printed cardboard inside a black envelope closed with a purple ribbon. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies.


 CD 1:

1. Order of the thirtysix
2. Showtime
3. And I can see
4. (You're) pretty much fukk off
5. Aids muscle
6. Suneater
7. Leave them open
8. Knifework
9. Bloodstorms
10. Skinrain ritual
11. Cut me down
12. Birth and sight (Afterlife)
13. Wasteland
14. Enslaved in turmoil

CD 2:

1. Cadaver Carnival
2. Sewer secrets
3. Judgement without mercy
4. Corridor
5. The timekeeper
6. S.O.I.H.T.
7. Just like decay
8. Rise and fall
9. Clean away
10. Moment of truth
11. Bakteria
12. They are all mine
13. Afterhours
14. Thrown into circles

7 euro + shipping

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