venerdì 5 dicembre 2014

MR025 - ATONAL ORGASM "A New level" [pro-cdr]

 Atonal Orgasm is an italian death industrial/power electronics project. "A New Level", out on Murderabilia Records is the second work for this project.
The sounds, composed by Davide Tozzoli, also known for his death industrial project N., represents a continuous of the great italian tradition on this genre and reminds names such as Atrax Morgue and Progetto Morte.
Vocals and lyrics by Samuele, the head behind this project, often argue about fetishism and various paraphilias.

The cdr comes in a A5 pro-printed cardboard with transparent envelope limited to 50 hand numbered copies.
You can have one of them for 5,00 euro + postage.
For info:

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